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Barb is one of the co-founders of HEROS (Hockey Education Reaching Out Society). HEROS started in 2001 at Britannia Ice Rink which is in the inner city of Vancouver, BC. It is a registered Canadian charitable organization committed to empowering children through ice hockey. The premise of HEROS is to use the game of hockey as a catalyst to attract youth to a program offering support for education self-esteem building and life skills training.

The program focuses on boys and girls of diverse ethnicity from economically challenged neighborhoods. The program is conducted in an environment of fun and safety where each child is considered to be a HERO. HEROS is offered in every NHL city across Canada as well as on the Sunshine Coast in British Columbia and in Belfast, Ireland. Barb continues to skate with the children every summer in the Vancouver flagship location and serves on the HEROS Board of Directors.



Calgary’s Kevin Hodgson named winner of 2021 Willie O’Ree Community Hero Award

Calgary’s Kevin Hodgson has won the 2021 Willie O’Ree Community Hero Award, the NHL announced Wednesday.

The award is given to “an individual who – through the sport of hockey – has positively impacted his or her community, culture or society.”.

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Calgary Flames Foundation and Air Canada host youth with autism for Fan Flight to Los Angeles

When the Calgary Flames head out to Los Angeles for their match with the Kings this week, a flight of lucky fans will also be flying down to enjoy the game.  Fourteen-year-old Isaiah Kurth and 15-year-old Adam Hayman, who are on the autism spectrum, are among the group on Tuesday’s flight.  The boys play hockey every Sunday…

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‘I never imagined’: Girl with cerebral palsy plays hockey with special harness device

To the delight of one avid hockey family, all members can now hit the ice thanks to a helpful device.  Piper Jackson has cerebral palsy and loves to watch her big sister Brynn from the sidelines, but on Sunday, the sisters skated side by side for the first time ever…

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McDavid surprises children during charity event

Edmonton Oilers captain Connor McDavid surprised children at a charity event in Edmonton Monday.  The group of children was gathered in a conference room for CIBC Miracle Day when McDavid walked in.  A smiling McDavid met every child, took photos with them and signed autographs…

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New charity brings ice hockey to underprivileged kids in Greater Victoria

The Ministry of Children and Family Development has partnered local Greater Victoria schools with HEROS, a volunteer-driven charity, to give the chance for underprivileged kids to play hockey every week until March 12, 2020…

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‘I can actually probably make friends for once’: Autistic children outfit for hockey thanks to Oilers star

Like many 14-year-old children, Meghan, who has autism, enjoys skating but hasn’t always had the opportunity to do that with others. At school, she said she doesn’t interact much with other students or have many chances to make new friends….

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Hockey HEROS from the troubled inner city

The HEROS — the Hockey Education Reaching Out Society — started in Vancouver and has spread across the country. It’s aimed at young people from poor neighbourhoods. Donations from the National Hockey League Players Association and corporations like Telus pay for equipment and ice time, but the coaches are all volunteers…

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Barb Aidelbaum Visits Super HEROS

Barb Aidelbaum has been with HEROS from the very beginning. When she was asked to be part of the group that founded HEROS in Vancouver, over 20 years ago, Barb didn’t give it a second thought. Her love of hockey and skating coupled with helping economically challenged youth made it a perfect fit. As a professional skating coach, she lends her valuable technical expertise and hockey school perspective to help put together the on-ice programs and is a member of the board of directors…

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“Playing in the NHL has been a huge step up. Skating is something I’m always working on and you can never be a good enough skater. Barb has helped me a lot technically to achieve the speed and agility necessary to play in the NHL. We also work a ton on skating efficiency to manage the gruelling schedule the NHL has. She also does a great job collaborating with my other coaches to integrate the skating development with other aspects of my training. I’ve got lots to keep working on as I continue to get stronger and look forward to getting more guidance and support from Barb
Zach Benson -

Zach Benson - Buffalo Sabres - 2023 NHL draft - 1st round (13th overall selection)

I have had the opportunity to work with Barb since 2019. She is extremely dedicated, knowledgeable and motivated to get the most out of herself and her players. Barb’s ability to communicate with her players throughout the entire year is incredible, along with the ability to know what each individual player needs during sessions to get the most out of them. She gives me confidence and has helped my game tremendously. Barb is a pleasure to be around and makes coming to the rink fun. Her work has not only made me a better player but a better person away from the rink.
Michael Rasmussen -

Detroit Red Wings
2017 NHL draft - 1st round (9th overall selection)

"I've had the pleasure of skating with Barb for many years and without a doubt she took me to the next level of skating. When I started with her she reengineered my stride so that not only was I quicker, my skating became increasingly effortless which helped me attain my goal of attending military college and playing university hockey."
Mathew Mitchie -

Infantry Officer at Canadian Armed Forces

"Barb is extremely smart and is a great teacher. She has helped me find all the little details in my skating. I’m faster and more agile after training with Barb in the 2021 off-season. I’m looking forward to next summer as I continue to develop."
Kent Johnson -

Columbus Blue Jackets
2021 NHL draft - 1st round (5th overall selection)

"Barb’s in-depth knowledge of the technical aspects of skating combined with her attention to detail make her an excellent resource for players of all levels. Her teaching style yields extremely quick results and she possesses a unique understanding of how each skating skill is applied to our game. She helped me drastically improve all aspects of my skating during my career. I would recommend Barb to all players hoping to improve their skating and further develop their skills as a hockey player."
Tanner Glass -

played 527 NHL games - New York Rangers Player Development

"In 1999, when HEROS was just an idea in the mind of Norm Flynn, he went looking for people who could help take it from idea to reality. One of those people was Barb Aidelbaum who dove in head first and worked tirelessly recognizing the need to create an opportunity to play hockey for young people from economically challenged neighbourhoods who needed it most but had the least access to it. Barb brought with her not only a technical understanding of hockey skills and directing Hockey Schools but more importantly the ability to teach conventional skills in an unconventional manner to young people who fell outside the conventional hockey system. She has also helped guide the growth and evolution of the organization as a founding board member, providing 2 decades of service assisting with fundraising, brand development, policy development, and so much more."
Kevin Hodgson -

Executive Director - Hockey Education Reaching Out Society (HEROS)

"Working with Barb since 2001 has been instrumental in taking my game to new levels. Barb closely assesses my skating techniques and then delivers specific instruction to where I can improve. I believe the detailed skating instruction that Barb has given me has been an advantage for me playing in the NHL and allowed me to achieve my dream of playing for Canada in the Olympics."
Dan Hamhuis -

2001 NHL draft 1st round (#12 overall selection) - 2014 Olympic Gold - 1148 NHL games


"I have had the pleasure of collaborating with Barb on many hockey players through the years, mostly in rehab situations for serious and / or recalcitrant injuries. Barb has a unique ability to accurately evaluate a player’s skating mechanics and develop an effective plan to improve a player’s skating. Equally impressive is her ability to effectively communicate and integrate within an interdisciplinary team. Especially in complex cases where every attention to detail is required to ensure success, Barb is able to apply her expertise within an integrated plan that includes all aspects of rehab, movement retraining, strength and conditioning and hockey-specific training. She is easy to work with but is also demanding in a very positive, professional way - as it should be!"
Dr. Rick Celebrini -

Director of Sports Medicine and Performance - Golden State Warriors of the NBA

"I have been training with Barb since I was 13 years old, and her skating expertise has played a pivotal role in my development and pursuit of professional hockey. Her attention to detail and ability to hone every aspect of the skating craft has kept me coming back for over 20 years. My transition from player to official required a lot of skating-related adjustments, and Barb once again coached me through the challenges and elevated my stride, edging, starts and turns to the NHL level. Her technical proficiency aside, Barb has also helped me tremendously with the mental side of the game. Her insights and knowledge of the hockey world, and her understanding of the emotional side of professional sports has always made a session with Barb a complete experience."
Ryan Gibbons -

Current NHL Linesman

"Barb and I have worked together since the summer of 2015 when I finished my last year in the CHL. She meets with me right after the season to discuss areas of improvement and what to focus on throughout the summer. She also works closely with all other members of my team (strength trainer, physio, etc) to ensure we take full advantage of the short summer months. By them working directly with each other, it allows me to incorporate each technique throughout my training regimen. My skating has seen vast improvements in speed, strength, and technique throughout our time together to date. I also appreciate the constant messages of both encouragement and critique as she closely watches my skating habits all season long."
Sam Reinhart -

Florida Panthers - 2014 Draft - 1st round (2nd overall pick)

Played over 450 games to date

"After 4 full years of training with Barb my only regret is that I didn’t start working with her earlier. She has as an incredible ability to tweak certain aspects of my skating game, which I have found to make me a more powerful, balanced and efficient skater. Barb is flat out the most knowledgable and technically sound skating coach I’ve ever worked with."
Manny Malhotra -

991 NHL games - 1998 NHL draft 1st round (#7 overall selection) - Toronto Maple Leafs Assistant Coach

"I was very fortunate to grow up with a strong skating skill set, through coaching and camps in my youth. Barb has taken my skating to another level! She challenges me out of my comfort zone and gets me on edges I didn’t know I had! Her coaching has been essential to my development. As our great game continues to get faster and faster her coaching has been essential in my personal growth. Getting into position and moving at the same level as the players is vital to being a successful official. I always look forward to working with Barb in the off-season!"
Graham Skilliter -

#24 Current NHL Referee

"I have been working with Barb since 2008. Barb has an excellent ability to identify the strengths and weaknesses in your skating and offer valuable insights for improvement. She has great technical knowledge that can help you adjust to the rigors of the NHL and the ever-increasing speed of the game. She is a true professional and I’m grateful to have had her help."
Eric Brewer -

1997 NHL draft 1st round (#5 overall selection) - 2002 Olympic Gold and 4 World Gold Medals - 1009 NHL games

"Skating is the most important hockey skill – it is the foundation for success in the game. Barb Irving Aidelbaum’s understanding of skating biomechanics has helped both young athletes and professional players. Her coaching and skating expertise can help you reach a new performance level."
Peter Twist -

CEO Twist Performance Inc

"Barb Aidelbaum shows a real dedication towards helping players learn about on-ice safety and awareness with her primary goal: safety along the boards. Her power skating skills that she will implement, along with her safety and awareness program, are long overdue. Any time spent with Barb will be time well spent."
Brad Lazarowich -

1971 regular season Games (Linesman)
204 playoff Games
3 Stanley Cup finals

"In todays game I believe skating is the number 1 skill you must have to be an elite player. The game keeps getting quicker and faster. After breaking an ankle I felt a half-step behind. until I worked with Barb. Then I felt I was a half step ahead. She also addressed my balance and agility- things I didn’t think were of great importance. No doubt Barb made me a better skater – and I had fun while doing it!"
David Booth -

530 NHL games - Former NHL player now in Europe

"Barb has been a huge influence in my hockey career as an amateur player, pro player and now NHL scout. She has given me a strong work ethic and really helped me reach my potential as a NHL skater. I trained with her from my WHL days and while I was playing in the NHL. She never tried to change my style but always built on the skill set that I had. Everything I learned from about the skating stride and edges is from Barb. Now when I’m scouting the next NHL players or running my own hockey camps I follow her philosophies, expertise and teachings."
Colin Fraser -

3 Stanley Cups - Chicago Blackhawks Scout

"My summer training is never complete without a week on the ice with Coach Barb. Barb coordinates our August Camp for NHLOA members. It consists of off-ice Fitness and Conditioning, Mental Performance Training and Skating Development. She does an amazing job of breaking down my stride and her extensive knowledge of edges, body positioning and skating mechanics leaves me feeling stronger and more efficient. My skating improves with every session. I really appreciate the time and patience she puts into translating fine technical corrections into functional adjustments that I can apply to my skating immediately. I always leave her camp feeling confident and prepared for my upcoming season."
Kiel Murchison -

Current NHL Linesman

Barb Aidelbaum Skating